Thursday, November 5, 2015

13 Years Ago Today...

Earlier this week I shared that it was the anniversary of when Mike and I officially started dating.

Mike went home that night with the warm fuzzy high of the beginning of a relationship. His face made it very obvious that he was on cloud nine. He wouldn't have been able to keep us a secret if he tried.

Two days later... 13 years ago today... he called me and already the high had ended. I could tell. I was afraid he would end things already! Mike doesn't like when things are uncertain. So I frantically talked him through the highs and lows of relationships and how you don't spend forever on cloud nine! Although, I had thought, hoped, that it would have lasted a bit longer for him!!

I was his first and only girlfriend.

13 years ago today I convinced Mike that while it happened all too soon, what he was feeling was normal and he could still love me on the ground instead of cloud nine.

13 years ago today Mike decided not to let how he felt determine his choices and he chose me... again.

me and mike 052

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