Tuesday, November 10, 2015


PLSD = Post Lice Stress Disorder.

If it's not in the books, it should be! I totally have it!!! I think my kids do too.

It's no secret that two summers ago I found lice on Liza's head... two days before she was flower girl in a wedding. I broke down and cried, called a friend to find out what I needed to do, and then went into full freak out mode.

I treated heads, combed forEVER, vacuumed everything... twice, did a gazillion loads of laundry, ate far too much chocolate and didn't sleep for two weeks.

I'm itching my head as I write this. Are you itching yet??

Lice has turned me into a paranoid person.

I check Liza's and Jason's heads several times a week.
When I see kids I always glance at their heads looking for signs. I can't help it!
I still give hugs but my mind is always certain that a lice bug is crawling onto me as I do.
I know it's all in my mind but I just can't. make it. stop!

It's bad guys.

My scalp is irritated all the time because I am always itching it. And then itching it makes me think I MUST have lice. And so I itch some more. It's a vicious cycle that seems impossible to break.

I have PLSD.
It's a real thing... and I hope you never experience it!!

Stop itching your head!

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