Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shopping for Furniture

I have been married and living in my own (shared with my husband and kids of course!) place for almost thirteen years. When Mike and I got married we were as broke as broke gets and neither of us was employed well (or at all). We were lucky to have any furniture at all... all of it second hand.

We were soooo grateful to have something to sit on that we didn't even care that the furniture was ugly and the couch cushions were flat making it feel like we were sitting on a board.

That was the furniture we had for a while... until someone else was upgrading and had a couch to pass on. Over time we were also given second hand chairs for the living room... and then those were eventually replaced with second hand again.

A few years ago we had the opportunity to purchase a really nice used couch for $100. We jumped on that opportunity and the couch has been amazing for us! But the chairs... the chairs... they are light in color and looking really really dirty.

Back in March, when I was visiting my friend Melissa in Louisiana, she took me to visit her mom and dad. They have a sun room and when I sat down in one of the chairs I decided right away that it was what I wanted for my living room.

Since that day I have been dreaming of the day I would be able to purchase those chairs.

The other day I realized I had more money set aside than I thought, so I looked up my chairs online. I saw that they would be on sale, $300 off, for the weekend. The time had come!!!

We drove to La-z-boy with our cash, ready to purchase two Fresco Swivel Chairs! It was supposed to be a great day. Unfortunately, being that I had never made a furniture purchase before, a few things caught me off guard.

First, I remembered how much I can't stand sales people when they are doing their job. I almost always go into a big purchase already knowing what I want. All I want from the sales person is the facts... no games and teasers and extras.

I picked out my fabrics, talked with the sales girl and she went off to price the two that I had narrowed it down to. When she came back she put two papers in front of me and pointed out the final prices. I wanted to cry. It was a lot more than I had thought and I didn't have enough for the fabric that I really wanted.

I wish she had told me upfront that there is a $99 shipping fee on ALL ORDERS. I told her we couldn't do the purchase today and we walked out.

I was angry. How had I miscalculated so much?

Turns out I didn't. When I got in the car and had time to calm down and think, I realized she had just added things on, like 5 year warranties, without ever mentioning it.

I went back in, told her to recalculate everything and not add in anything extra without asking me if I wanted it or not and then let me know what my new total was. Turned out that it left me at the high end of what I was willing to spend today!

We payed cash... cuz that's how we roll... and I watched as the sales girl seemed really confused as she tried to count it all out. People don't deal with large sums of money anymore.

Our chairs are ordered!!! And now I just have to wait 6-8 weeks for them to come in.

And that's the story of my first big furniture purchase and how it almost didn't work out.

Coming soon to the Wick living room!!!

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