Tuesday, December 1, 2015


We just had five glorious days together as a family.
Really! They WERE glorious! I loved it all. We did a lot of fun things together and a lot of sitting around the house relaxing together. Liza and Jason played together. They used their imaginations. They had fun.

The house was filled with their giggles and there is nothing better than that!

Sure they had a few moments where they started to get on each others nerves, but with a little bit of direction and a reminder to work it out they were right back to laughing and playing nicely again.

I was a little bit sad about having to send them off to school again today because I wanted more time with them home.

Saturday night, after the Christmas parade, we came home and introduced the kids to Star Wars. They had been talking about it and said they liked it but they really had extremely limited knowledge of it. It was time for the movie. We made popcorn and they sorted their candy from the parade while falling in love with Star Wars.

By the end of the movie their glow sticks had become lightsabers.

They watched the movie a second time the following day.

On Monday they spent hours talking about the movie and planning skits to perform for me and Mike. The skits were all their take on scenes from the movie. It was adorable! And then in the evening, while I was out getting a massage, they started another Star Wars movie.

Mike showed me a picture this morning of Liza and Jason watching the movie...

It warmed my heart and all I could think was that after five days of constant togetherness they still liked each other enough to snuggle up close on the couch.

I  love their relationship!
I love them!

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