Sunday, January 24, 2016

52 Lists - #4 Dreams and Goals

List #4 is about dreams and goals. I've never really been a goal person... I just try to stay self-motivated and always better myself or the situation I am in. I haven't needed goals to motivate me to move in a forward direction. I remember struggling through a job review one time. Boss asked me what my goals for the next whatever amount of time were and I came up blank. I couldn't come up with anything measurable... because I'm not a "set a measurable goal" kind of person. He was, so he didn't understand... but assistant boss was like a giddy little kid as he sat with us in the meeting saying that I was saying exactly what he had been trying to get the boss to understand for a long time.

So there are goal people and there are non-goal people in this world. I'm in the non-goal category, so this list is a little challenging for me... to look ahead and say what's my goal? What's something I need to do in my life and my future? These aren't things I often sit down and think about. I guess there are things I would like to do if the opportunities arise... but none of them are musts or things that drive me.

Anyways... my attempt at this list...

Current and Future Goals and Dreams
see the Grand Canyon and other parks in Arizona
raise my little people to be successful humans
crochet every day
travel to every state
be a good friend
pay off the house early and remain 100% debt free
forgive those I haven't yet been able to forgive 
help my kids pay for college
save a life

Save a life... not necessarily physically with cpr or whatever... but I will find someone who has potential... the nature, but not the nurture... and give that person a safe place to grow into his/her potential. Basically... to give someone a chance at a good future that didn't originally have one. (Think Blindside... I watched that saying to Mike, "That's it! That's what I am always talking about! Don't be surprised if you come home from work someday to some extra person pretty much living with us.)

That's about it. I've thought about this for two days and that's all that comes to mind. Maybe that makes me lame in the eyes of some... but not having a huge list of things that I feel I must do in my lifetime... it allows me to be content right where I am... most days. :)

Are you a goal or non-goal person?

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