Monday, January 18, 2016

52 Lists - Things I Should Be Proud Of

List #3

Things I Should Be Proud Of
standing up for what I believe in
being able to vacation alone
the way I have raised my kids
my crochet work
my photography
staying married for 13 years
graduating college with 2 degrees... even though I don't use them
getting back up every time life slams me down - overcoming hardship
being gluten and dairy free for a year now
who I am

I added "who I am" at the end because so many negative things have been used to describe me...
opinionated - others may see it that way but I see that as something that propels me to fight for what I believe is right. I believe in what I believe in.
stubborn - maybe so, but this is what propels me to get back up every time life knocks me down. It also has helped me stay married for almost 13 years. :)
strong personality - whatever. :) Knowing who I am and and sticking to that shapes everything in my life. I may be bold and outspoken, driven and difficult... but I can't imagine a world without people like that. 

So in the end... who I am is something I should be proud of. I have fought myself to accept who I am and to be proud of who I am over the years. 

And that's what I've been thinking about lately. 

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