Monday, January 11, 2016


I haven't talked much about human trafficking for the past year. I guess my mind has been consumed with other problems. But I still follow a lot of pages and rejoice every time a child is rescued from the sex trade.

This weekend I started reading a book that has been on my shelf for a while now... Renting Lacy by Linda Smith. I was in tears before I was even through the forward.

Human trafficking... slavery... is sadly alive and well in our world today. And not just somewhere else... but in our own country... in our own towns. There is no easy answer, but the more aware we become, the more we can fight this atrocity.

So maybe your here reading my blog today and thinking  
"How can I make a difference?"

1. Get educated. Read some books about it.
Renting Lacy
The Slave Next Door
Somebody's Daughter
I have all of these books and would be happy to lend them out. (I have one or two on kindle as well so you don't have to live near me to borrow one.)

2. Follow some organizations that fight modern day slavery and help the people that are rescued.
Destiny Rescue
She Rescue Home
End It
Girls Are Not For Sale
Pittsburgh local: Living in Liberty 

3. Spend money. It takes money to rescue and reintegrate victims of human trafficking (slavery) into society. You can give directly to organizations to support their work and make what they do possible. Or you can do something like buy things that are made by survivors to support survivors. I love my jewelry made by girls that have been rescued through Destiny Rescue.  You can also buy products that support these organizations and their message. I'm wearing my hoodie from GEMS today.

I like how She Rescue Home has their giving options set up. You can sponsor (or partially sponsor) a girl or a specific need.

4. Teach your boys and girls to value themselves and each other. If there is no demand for a sex industry, there will be no reason to supply the "product".

5. Talk to someone else about it. Let others know that it is happening, and it is happening close to home.

The only thing we can not do is nothing.

"Through our ignorance and worse yet, our lack of interest, we enable slavery. Unless we heed the wake-up call, slavery will continue to spread. Our children are also endangered by a different, subtler threat--apathy. Kids learn from their parents, and if noninvolvement is what we teach, by word or example, then that is exactly what they will learn and how they will live." ~From the Slave Next Door



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