Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to School

We just had 11 glorious days of no school.

I love having the kids home. They are quirky, fun-loving kids that get along with each other 97% of the time. We enjoy each other, and we enjoy the same things, which makes being a family quite fun. Add Christmas into the mix and well... my heart was so full for those 11 days.

But today is back to school day.

On Saturday I found myself getting sad about the idea of Liza and Jason going back to school. Yesterday I thought about it some more. This morning I woke up completely depressed about the idea of putting them on the bus and sending them off to school.

They haven't been gone very long, but I miss them already. The house is too quiet. They aren't just across the street like they used to be. I want them back at home with me.

It's moments like these where I think maybe I should home school... but then I laugh at myself, because I know I wouldn't be good at it. I can't even get through a half hour of homework without wanting to throw things and run away!

I wish the school system was different.
I wish they didn't have to keep my kids for so many hours each day.
I wish they were still across the street.

But they aren't.
And I'm here... in my too quiet house.
Missing them.

However, I doubt they are missing me as they rejoin the new friends they have made this year and talk all about their Christmas break and new gifts and all the things they got to do.

I hope they are having a good day, and maybe I'll get a little peek at them while I'm at the school making copies for their teachers.

Liza and Jason are my heart. I hope the people who get to spend the day with my kids appreciate them at least half as much as I do!!


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