Thursday, January 21, 2016

Making Blankets

I kind of enjoy the process of making blankets.
I start out wondering why I ever decided to start such a big project.
About half way I get really excited because that's when I really start to see it all coming together.
By the end I'm ready to just. be. done. and once again wondering why I decided to take on such a big project.

But when it's done!!! That's when it is fun.

This past year I had kept seeing mermaid and shark blankets on the internet. They are a big deal right now, and no wonder! They are ridiculously cute and fun!

I made the decision to make these blankets for Liza and Jason for Christmas. The problem was that in order to keep it a surprise I could only work on them after they were in bed or during the day while they were at school.

I finished with two days to spare!

The kids love their blankets and that makes me happy!


My heart just about burst when I went to tuck them in and found them both snug in their new blankets. They use them every night now.



And when this came home in Jason's folder...


Translation: I opened one of my presents and it was a shark blanket. I also got a kindle it was my favorite present.

I'm currently working on an afghan for a customer and it's turning out amazing!! After that is finished I'll be making mermaid blankets for two of my nieces. I think the mermaids are my favorite!

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