Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Favorite Christmas Ever!

It's not too late to still be talking about Christmas, is it?
Well too bad if it is. :) I'm going to share about our Christmas, because it was my most favorite one yet! Liza and Jason are awesome kids and they make life so much fun!

Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year. Mike did have to work till around 3:00 but having the entire next week off made up for that. While Mike was at work, me and the kids did some things to pass the time. We started our day with a trip to the bakeshop Mike is working at for breakfast... cinnamon rolls. We then headed home and did a puzzle which took up a good amount of time.

The real fun started when Mike finally came home. We started with the family game. Every year we get a new game and play it on Christmas Eve. We got Pass the Pigs. It's really similar to Farkle but a little more simple and with PIGS instead of dice. It was fun!


Game time was followed by family photos in our Christmas shirts.




Next up was our gift exchange. We always give the kids some money to spend... they each buy for each other and then for me and Mike. The day of shopping is lots of fun and the gift unwrapping on Christmas Eve is always sweet.




We finished out the night by watching the movie we bought to add to our collection and having appetizers for dinner. Lots of good food and snuggles on the couch!

And then the kids went off to bed and forced themselves to sleep so they could hurry up and get to Christmas morning! Christmas morning came, and me and Mike woke up before the kids! So backwards! We decided to run into their rooms shouting about Christmas presents and woke them up.


He asked for a grammar book and was really excited to get one!




It was such a peaceful morning. Warm fuzzies. :) Mike made pancakes, the kids checked out all their new stuff and we just enjoyed hanging out until it was time to go see some family.



This Christmas was perfect! I hope they are all like this one... or better.

And for the record... I hear a lot of people debate whether or not to do Santa for Christmas. It seems to be that many fear that they will miss out on some of the magic if they don't do Santa. I just want to share that we do not do Santa and Christmas is definitely magical! Santa isn't what makes Christmas magical... Christmas is magical all on it's own!

Disclaimer... if you do Santa then keep on rocking what you are doing! :) Santa's cool too.

I hope you all made some great memories with Christmas!!

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