Friday, January 8, 2016

New Furniture!

Shortly after Thanksgiving I shared my furniture shopping experience. I decided at the beginning of last year that the chairs from La-Z-Boy were the ones I wanted, I saved, and when I had the money I went to buy them. I almost walked out without purchasing them and was completely unhappy with the salesperson and sneaky attempts at adding things to my order that I didn't want.

After some frustration I figured it out and made my purchase. I also made it very clear that I did not want any calls from the company unless it was about my chair order. They apparently don't respect their customer's wishes because I got a call inviting me to a "VIP event"... basically an event to get me back in the store where they can try to sell me more furniture.

Then the call finally came about my furniture delivery. I was told it would take six to eight weeks and I don't even think it's been a full six weeks yet! The message told me I could schedule delivery between Tuesday and Saturday of this week. I excitedly called back hoping for a Tuesday delivery and was put on hold... for twenty minutes... after which I hung up, called back and said this is getting ridiculous and I can't listen to your "hold music" any longer. And then the lady told me I could only get my chairs on Friday because that is the only day they deliver in my area.

If you haven't picked up on my feelings yet... I'm not a big fan of La-Z-Boy customer service. If those weren't the chairs that I had been set on for a year I would have moved on and shopped somewhere else. I spent far too much money to get poor customer service!!!


On to the good stuff...

I received a call yesterday telling me the chairs would be delivered between 9:15 and 12:15 today. This morning I got a call before 9:30 telling me they would be at the house in about 25 minutes and my chairs were delivered before 10:00!!!


I was so nervous that I wouldn't like them. The delivery guys carried them up to my porch wrapped in some protective cover and I anxiously waited for them to unwrap them so I could see if I actually liked the fabric I picked. It's so hard when you only get to see a square of fabric and have to picture two chair's worth of it in one room. Delivery guy removed the cover and said, "Wow! I really like this fabric!" Me too I thought. ME TOOOOO!!

The chairs are in the living room and I'm so happy with what I picked out. They are comfortable, sturdy, and the right fabric for me. I'll eventually crochet some accent pillows and/or a new afghan to go with them. For now... I'll enjoy them just as they are!

All that said... The only thing I enjoyed about my first ever furniture shopping experience was the delivery. The guys were great (probably because they weren't trying to sell me anything) and the product is amazing.

So let's start with the before...
The two chairs were given to me buy a friend when she upgraded with new furniture. We have had them for several years and have been so thankful to have them! But it was time for them to go.


This morning I moved those two chairs out and brought my new ones in!!!


I think they go well in the room. Don't mind the floor. That's next on the list of things to get done, but it will probably be a while. Baby steps. No debt for house fixes... gotta save up again. :)



It took a lot of hat sales to be able to purchase these chairs! It was worth it. :) If you need me any time in the next few days you can find me relaxing in my living room in one of my new comfy chairs.

And don't worry... I've already drilled it into the kids' heads... no jumping, no sweaty heads, no food or drinks!

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