Monday, February 22, 2016

52 Photos

There are different projects that photographers do each year. There is photo a day which is exactly that... you take a photo each day of the year. There are monthly challenges that give lists of things to take photos of. Then there is 52 photos... one photo each week. Sometimes there are prompts to follow, but I decided to do my own.

52 photos... one photo each week... of Liza and Jason together.
The goal is to showcase their relationship and at the end of the year I will have 52 photos of their siblingship and I'll put them in a photo book.

Here are my first eight weeks. Some weeks have more than one photo because I just can't help myself and it's hard to narrow down to one. I love seeing Liza and Jason together and I hope their relationship continues to be strong forever!

Week 1
A quick snapshot at the school skate party, wearing their new rollerblades that they got from Grandma Ann and Papa Mike for Christmas.


Week 2
We got some snow and since they were ready for school early, they went outside to shovel the sidewalks.


Week 3
Liza and Jason built a fort and spent their time in it reading and playing games.



Week 4
Pokemon cards are REALLY popular at school. Everyone trades them and Liza and Jason have built up their own collections. This week they went to the store and used their own money to buy binders and pages to hold their cards. They spent a good amount of time organizing their cards and decorating their binders.


Week 5
We had some ridiculously nice weather for January, so we headed to McConnell's Mill for a hike. We stopped along the creek to throw rocks for a while. 2 miles of hiking on an icy trail. We had a good time!



Week 6
When Liza and Jason wake up in the morning they usually find each other and just hang out for a while. On this particular morning they turned on their music and were dancing and singing on the bed.



Week 7
It was family movie night and we decided to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. Jason had already seen it, but it was Liza's first time and she wasn't sure if she would like it or not. This is how Liza and Jason watched the movie... snuggled up on the couch. Also, she loved the movie.


Also during week 7, we had enough snow to play in and do some sledding. Fun times!


Week 8
The weather was beautiful and the kids wanted to play outside. They went to the park to rollerblade.


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