Thursday, February 18, 2016

Winter is Beautiful!

Summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter... and the complaints start. So few people seem to enjoy winter. I know it gets cold... sometimes ridiculously so. And I know that there is a freedom that comes with warmer weather to get outside and DO things. I love summer... but I love winter too!

I love how the cold mornings wake me up when I take my kids to the bus stop. It's invigorating!

I also love
the beauty of a fresh snow
how the sun makes the snow sparkle
snow lined trees
seeing my breath
and snowflakes!

I love how the cold makes me want to sit under warm blankets and the heat that comes from my space heater that I carry around my house with me. I love the warmth that comes when my kids sit next to me. Summer can just get too hot to enjoy that.

And lastly, I enjoy that winter makes me appreciate spring and summer even more.

I love seasons.
All of them!

I'm enjoying the snow that we got this week. The ice and snow lined the trees and I think it's absolutely stunning! After sending the kids off to school on Wednesday, I grabbed my camera and headed to a park to take a walk. It was so peaceful and quiet and calming.

Winter is beautiful!













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