Wednesday, March 2, 2016

52 Lists - Places I Want to Go

List #9

Continuing on with my 52 lists... one every week this year.

Unlike most people I really don't have a great desire to travel outside of the United States. I like being home. I like familiar territory. I like knowing the language and customs. Maybe that makes me boring and not very adventurous... but I love the land I live in and there are so many places here that I would love to visit... some of them for a second time.

Places I Want to Go
Grand Canyon
Saguaro National Park
Wisconsin to visit my sister
Texas to visit my brother
Louisiana to visit Melissa again
Savannah, GA 

Those places are top on my travel list... for the day I win the lottery and can plan bigger vacations. In the meantime... I'm hoping to be able to go on a PA Waterfall Road Trip that I saw on the internet. It would be a perfect four day weekend getaway with Mike.

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