Monday, March 7, 2016

52 Lists - Ways To Cleanse For Spring

List #10
With the weather being GORGEOUS today, and hopefully the next few, I feel like this is the perfect list to make for this week. It sure is starting to feel like spring and it's forecasted to be around 70 degrees on Wednesday! My kids are ready to bust out the shorts. I'm not quite ready for that!

Ways To Cleanse For Spring
Open the windows! (Taking the winter plastic off today.)
Get outside.
Take winter clothes/coats to the attic.
Clean windows.
Organize my yarn stash.
Clean off my sun porch so I can actually use it.
Sit in the sun.
Make a list of things to do during the nice weather months.
Let go of the things that I can not control.
Shed these five hibernation pounds that don't want to go away.
Unplug for a day... or five.
Be more active... not as much couch sitting!
Throw away or donate things that we do not need/use.

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