Friday, March 18, 2016

Hurry Up Soccer Season!!

I have been having weird and strange dreams a lot lately. The kind that leave me feeling weird and strange when I wake up from them. But last night was different. The dream I had last night left me feeling awesome when I woke up this morning.

It was about soccer.
I was young and playing the game, on the guys' team just like it really happened, with guys I had played soccer with in real life. I was scoring goals, having assists, and we were crushing the other team. I woke up feeling victorious and remembering the good days of being a part of a team and playing a sport I loved and played well.

And it got me excited for the soccer season to begin again! I chose to coach both Liza and Jason this year. Two teams. Twice as many kids to encourage and teach the game to. Twice as much fun!

I can't wait to get back to this...


Saturday mornings of making sure kids feel awesome when playing the greatest game ever!

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