Thursday, March 3, 2016

Love Letters From Liza

Liza has a heart of gold.

I remember when I became a mom and I thought my heart would explode with love. I didn't think there was a better feeling in the world than that. But I am finding there is. As Liza grows my heart often feels like it will burst with love and pride. I am soooo proud of who she is, who she is becoming. I am proud of how she treats others, proud of her ideas, proud of her desire to change the world and make it a better place for everyone.

I love that she is

And I love her thoughtfulness.

A few weeks ago I was having a rough day. I was in my room resting when she came in and handed me this heart...


In it was a bunch of little notes and she said, "Whenever you are having a bad day you can read one of the notes."



This is something I will keep forever. The notes... they definitely made me feel better on that bad day... and several days since. Here is what they say... with her messed up spelling that makes them even sweeter...

I love you so much.
God loves you the way you are.
I love you Mommy and I will always.
I love you more than eneything. 
My favrit mommy.
You are wunderful.
You are awsom.
I will never forget you.

And my favorite of them all...

Your not ugly.

On another bad day, I was in my room resting again and heard all this clicking on the hard wood floor just outside my room. And whispering. I kept wondering what in the world the kids were up to. When I finally walked out of my room, I found this on the floor outside my door waiting for me...


I loved it so much that I left it there for two days and stepped around it. Jason helped her... but Liza was the lead.

She wants people to be happy.
She doesn't like sadness.
She shows love well.

One thing I have noticed over and over about Liza is that she makes people feel good.

She makes ME feel good.
She makes me want to be better.

I will treasure my love letters from Liza for the rest of my life.

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