Friday, March 4, 2016

The Problem With My Hobby

March is National Crochet Month... I think that officially makes it my favorite month because I have an excuse to crochet all. the. time.

I love crochet.
It's my main hobby.
A slight obsession.
A form of relaxation.

Life without crochet would be awful.

However, I could live without some of the jokes and terms used in the crochet world.

You see... a few years ago my eyes were opened up to the world of human trafficking... sex trafficking... young children, teens, women, boys, being sold for sex. Forced into prostitution. Abused, manipulated, drugged. Their life taken from them as they lived the nightmare day after day after day.

So when I hear jokes about hookers I cringe a little bit... because there is nothing funny about that life.

Back to crochet... crocheters use hooks... therefore there are lots of jokes about crocheters being hookers.

I know it's different.
But it's not.

When I see something that says, "I wish crocheting burned more calories because I would be one skinny hooker"... I can't laugh. I want no part of it. I feel that it mocks a very real and ugly situation. Makes light of it.

Most will probably think I'm pretty stupid for letting that bother me... but I don't care.

I crochet... but I am not a hooker.

And I hate that there are so many jokes, tshirts, mugs with that reference.

That's the problem I have with my hobby.

It's not funny to joke about hookers... because so many "hookers" are really slaves wishing they could get out of that life and back into the one that was taken from them.

It's not a joke.
It's a problem.
They are people.

For more information on the realities of the life of a prostitute, I encourage you to watch the first episode of A Path Appears.

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