Sunday, April 3, 2016

52 Lists - Dream Jobs

List #14
For this list I'm supposed to list my childhood and current dream jobs. I never had much of a list for either of these things, so I've decided to list some of my job history... because most have been dream jobs!

Dream Jobs

1. Working for a carpenter. I spent a summer in high school sanding wood for a carpenter. Four hours a day... me and a sander or piece of sandpaper. I loved this job. It was tedious, repetitive, and took very little thought... just my style!

2. Summer camps. While in college I spent four summers working at a summer camp for kids with special needs. This was the perfect job for me. It allowed me to be my crazy self and hang out with kids all day long, day after day after day. I have so many great memories from my summers at camp. It truly was a life changing experience. After I got married I continued working at a local summer camp as waterfront director. Days in the sun, swimming, canoeing, kids. Doesn't get much better than that!

Umm... that's about where my job experiences of the past end. I haven't really had many jobs. In between those things were some short stints at other jobs... like being a janitor at a college campus. That was a pretty awful job... but it was a job. I also spent a lot of summers in my younger years working at the family business... a greenhouse. I still can't grow things.

When I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher. I went to college to become a teacher. I quit during student teaching. (Still got my degrees though so it wasn't a total waste... although I have never used my degrees.) I found the classroom to be the wrong kind of setting for me. I don't care to be the one to teach ABCs and 123s and all the book kind of teaching that needs to happen in life. I prefer to teach kids ABOUT life. (I know that happens in the classroom as well... just not the way I want it to.) About working through your issues, learning how to make friends, being responsible for your actions, etc. I spend my days looking for the teachable moments.

I don't need a job to do that kind of teaching. I just need a neighborhood full of kids, a soccer team, a large bus stop. Of course, none of these things are a "job" so I'm not getting paid... but I'm happy.

My current jobs are also dream jobs.

1. Crochet. I never ever thought I would be able to make money off of my hobby, but I do! It's fun that people want me to make things for them. I really enjoy the process of creating an item and knowing someone will wear it or give it as a gift. It doesn't hurt that I get to do this "job" from the comfort of my own couch while binging netflix shows.

2. Environmental Education Instructor. Seriously guys... DREAM! JOB! And I didn't even know something like this existed until I was in college working at camps. And I guess this is as close as it comes to being a teacher without being a teacher in the traditional sense. I work at a local camp in the Environmental Education department. During the spring and fall, schools come for field trips and I take classes of kids into the woods and teach them about things like insects and ecosystems. Or, my favorite, I take them to the stream and talk about the food web and then look for critters in the stream... and I get paid to do this!! I get paid to help kids experience nature in new and personal ways.

When it comes to jobs... I am working a dream job. I could do what I am doing forever.
Ultimately, the dream is that Mike will always have a job that pays enough that I don't need a "real" job. I enjoy my seasonal work with an insanely flexible schedule. I love that I love what I do, and I love that it allows me to still be home for my kids. I love that work feels like play... and still has a paycheck. I don't think it gets any dreamier than that!!

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