Sunday, April 10, 2016

Conversations With Jason

We were discussing movies today and there is one that the kids would like to see, but we have decided to wait a few years to see it. The conversation went a something like this...

 ME: I had some people I trust tell me there is a lot of violence in that movie, so we aren't going to watch it until you are a little older.
JASON: Most of the kids in my class saw it and they said there wasn't that much violence.
ME: Papa Mike is one of the people who told me he thought it had too much violence for my kids to watch. Do you think it would be wiser to listen to Papa Mike or the kids in your class?
JASON: Papa Mike for sure! I was just saying though that they saw it.
ME: That's ok that they saw it. They have rules in their house and we have rules in ours and sometimes they are different. But we are going to stick to our rules.
JASON: I'm glad that we do.

And that's about the moment that my heart exploded! I don't know how I got such a sweet, understanding kid.

Of course, he plans to grow up and break my heart some day. This was yesterday morning's conversation...

ME: I love you so much Jason! Say you'll live with me forever!
ME: Why not!?
JASON: Because I'm going to want to get married.
ME: Well your wife can live with us too.
ME: Why not!?!
JASON: You would get tired of having two more people in your house.

I asked how old he thinks he'll be when he's ready to move out. He told me when he's about 20 and my heart cried a little as I realized that is only 12 years away!

I love him so much that sometimes it hurts.

One morning Jason said, "Mom, take my picture like this then put it on the computer and say 'Howdy!'"

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