Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Scarred For Life

We had some interesting talks with the kids a few weekends ago.
I walked right into it without thinking...

The kids have heard the word sex.
Jason asked what it was over a year ago, so he knew in very simple terms what it is.
Liza never asked... so I never told her.

Until that weekend...

We were working on a puzzle and had Pandora on. A song came on that was very suggestive. We've heard it before. The kids like it. But I just couldn't... I couldn't have them singing along to a song that spoke of things that just seem wrong to have little kids singing about. So I told them we were going to give it a thumbs down.

The response was, "Awww! I like that song!"

ME: Sometimes songs talk about things you don't yet know about and if you did you wouldn't want to be singing along. I'm going to need you to just trust me when I say we need to thumbs down a song so that it won't play again.
THEM: *looking bummed and not sure*
ME: Really kids... lots of times songs are talking about things like sex.
THEM: Oh. Ok.
ME: Does that help you understand?
THEM: Yeah.
LIZA: I have a question.
LIZA: What IS sex?

So we went to her room and closed the door and had some girl talk. I told her she was going to think it was really REALLY weird... and I was right. She had such a great reaction. Honestly... one of my favorite conversations with her ever. So memorable.

Fast forward a few days... we were sitting at the table having breakfast, once again listening to Pandora. An advertisement came on and it was about discrimination. It went something like, "If you feel like you've been discriminated because of your race, sex, etc..." and I looked up to see Liza and Jason with confused looks on their faces.

I decided to clear things up a little and...

ME: Oh... sometimes they use sex to mean...
LIZA: No! No no! Not again!

I laughed... and laughed... and laughed some more.

ME: Let me explain honey. When it's used like that it just means that Jason's sex is male and yours is female. That's all. Every time I sign you up for something the form asks me what sex you are.
LIZA: *relieved and laughing* Oooooh. Ok.

I love my family. :)

And we now laugh every time we hear that advertisement.

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