Monday, May 16, 2016

52 Lists - Summer Goals

List #20
Summer Goals
don't be lazy
take lots of bike rides
picnic as often as possible
visit friends
have a lot of fun while spending little money
spend long days at the lake
do not let the weeds get out of control
grow a garden
read a few books
take advantage of the free summer bowling program
get the kids involved in the library's summer reading program
spend a week with mom and dad
find something to do that we haven't done before... and do it
have a themed party
roast marshmallows
rent canoes at the lake with the kids
go to the drive-in at least once
build forts on rainy days
go puddle jumping with the kids
host a free soccer camp for the neighborhood kids

I'm so excited for summer! We love summer and being busy and finding fun things to do. We love being outside after being stuck inside during the cold winter months. There are so many things to do near where we live that we rarely have bored days. Unfortunately, the kids still have a month of school left. June 14. Too far away! What are your summer plans?

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