Monday, May 2, 2016

52 Photos

A photo a week of Liza and Jason together.
A showcase of their siblingship.
You can view the first eight weeks by clicking here.

Week 9
Sometimes they are just too cute to not take a photo.


Week 10
These kids love making bracelets and then sitting on the front porch trying to sell them to people walking by. They even attempted to make sales on a rainy day.


Week 11
Liza and Jason enjoyed a hike at McConnell's Mill with their grandparents.


Week 12
We went to St. Marys for Easter weekend and took advantage of the nice weather. We spent an afternoon hiking and exploring at what is left of Kinzua Bridge.


Week 13
Liza and Jason read every night before going to bed. This night they decided that they wanted to be in the same room.


Week 14
It was a really cold day, so we pulled out a puzzle and got started on it. Liza and Jason love helping us with big people puzzles.


Week 15
We love Soccer Saturdays!


Week 16
Beautiful days should be filled with bike rides. We rode about 10 miles on a beautiful rail trail in Meadville.


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