Thursday, May 5, 2016

Visiting Kinzua Bridge

I have lots of memories of going to Kinzua Bridge when I was a kid. We would walk across it and I was always afraid I was going to fall through the spaces. Sometimes we went across the bridge and took the bridge back... sometimes we took the trail to get back.

Then I grew up and stopped going to Kinzua Bridge.
Then a tornado blew most of it over.
And then I needed to take my own kids to visit Kinzua Bridge.

We've gone a few times now, the most recent trip being on Easter weekend. Mike hadn't been to the bridge since the tornado, so we figured it was a good thing to do while visiting family.

There is a visitor center being built at the park that is supposed to open later this year. We'll have to go back again to check that out. The hiking trail has also been reopened. (It was closed after the tornado.)

We walked out on what is left of the bridge and then we hiked down the hill to check out the wreckage. It was pretty neat to be able to get up close to the beams (or whatever they are called). It's pretty amazing how huge they are!

It was a fun little trip that we finished off with a stop for ice cream. Big servings... small prices. It's only a good trip to Kinzua Bridge if it ends with ice cream.
















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