Thursday, May 19, 2016

What Is Right In This World

There are several situations in life that have me beyond irritated lately. Situations like our school across the street being closed and the fact that we will most likely lose the playground when the building is sold. It's just one of those things that is wrong with life. And it also happens to be something that I can't do anything about. Trust me... I've tried!

Today I found myself insanely frustrated with the situation all over again. Upset. Angry. Losing hope while realizing that the things I loved most when I moved here no longer exist.
I was sitting here thinking about all the things that are wrong with this world...

...but then I saw this face...


And this child, my child, is something that is so right in this world.

Her kind heart.
Her willingness to give everyone a chance.
Her love of animals.
Her silly dance moves and cute made up songs.
Her laugh.
Her strength to forgive.
Her belief in what is good.
Her love.
Her innocence.

Liza is what is right in this world and all I need to do when I find myself frustrated with all that is wrong is to spend a little time with her. She lights up a room... she lights up my heart... she lights up my world!


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