Wednesday, June 1, 2016

52 Lists - Happiest Moments and Favorite Places

List 21
Happiest Moments of My Life So Far
the day Liza was born
the day Jason was born
the first time I heard Liza's heartbeat... amazing!
watching Jason have hiccups during the ultrasound
my wedding day
buying my first home
sniggles (that's snuggling and giggling) with my babies

Those are the obvious things. Then there are smaller moments...

The time I was working at a camp facilitating group building and I watched a quiet boy that often was picked on emerge and become a leader that was accepted by his peers. It was amazing to be a part of that!

Getting our first win of the season during my first year on the high school soccer team... last game of the season in overtime. 

The summer of the Bike Project.

Camping trips. Our vacations were simple, but they still stand out. 

Coaching my kids' soccer teams. So fun! 

List 22
Favorite Places I Have Been
Akron Rotary Camp in Ohio
San Francisco
The beaches in Florida
Niagara Falls
Costa Rica
Parker Dam State Park (I need to get back there!)
White Sands National Monument in New Mexico - beautiful!
my neighborhood
Moraine State Park
McConnell's Mill State Park
Allegheny River Trail

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