Friday, June 3, 2016

Best Job Ever

I love my job!
I seriously think I have the best job ever.

Schools come on field trips and I get to take kids out in the woods to explore and learn. I get to show them things they never saw before. Things they didn't know existed. I get to be a part of their discovery and I get to witness their excitement.

This season I even got to take a kid on his first hike ever! He was ten. He lives in the city. Never took a hike before. What a privilege for me!

Really... I have the best job ever!

Today I took a group of second graders to the pond to see what we could find. There were turtles and frogs and fish. And two snakes. But the coolest thing of all was to watch an adult dragonfly emerging from the nymph stage.

We were toward the end of the lesson. The kids weren't finding much. I grabbed a bucket, scooped some water near some grass along the edge and there it was... dragonfly nymph. And shortly after I realized that the adult dragonfly was coming out.

Most kids only associate metamorphosis with caterpillars and butterflies. It was so fun to be able to show them something that I never saw until this year.

In case you are wondering what it looks like... here is a photo I grabbed from

Seriously cool stuff you guys!

In a world where people don't like to go out in nature, it's so fun to be a part of shaping how kids think about it.

Nature is cool!
My job is the coolest!

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