Tuesday, June 14, 2016

School's Out for Summer!

Another school year comes to an end.
Another chapter closed for us.

Last year when school ended I couldn't say goodbye.
It was too hard.
Too much.
Too emotional.

I grabbed my kids when school let out and escaped for the week so I wouldn't have to look at the empty building that would never be filled with the voices of children again.

I just couldn't think about it.
Too much loss.
Too much grief.

Everything about the end of last year felt wrong.

This year is different though.
This year we chose our own ending.
This year, while emotional, feels right.

Yesterday when school let out, me, Liza and Jason went and found our favorite teachers so we could all say goodbye. We might not ever see them again, but they were such a big part of our lives for the past few years and we will always remember them. Our teachers from the old school that moved to the new one with us... we needed them. We needed familiar faces in the halls. Our teachers this year that we had never seen until open house... we needed them too. We needed their kindness and understanding.

And we needed to say goodbye before we moved on.

Last year when I walked our school halls for the last time it all felt wrong.
Yesterday when I realized I was walking the school halls for the last time... it felt right.

We look forward to the next school we will be at. We look forward to the new people will meet and the new memories we will make. But we will never forget the teachers and the friends that got us this far.

Today is the last day of school. The kids get out at noon.
Liza and Jason are excited for their new school adventure... but it's also hard for them to say goodbye to the friends they have made. It's bittersweet... but they are strong.

I look forward to fun summer days full adventure with my favorite little people! We don't have many plans, but we'll find plenty of fun!

School's out and summer is here!!! FINALLY!


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