Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Steps and Miles


I recently got myself a Garmin Forerunner 15.

I wanted something with GPS so I would know how far I go when biking... since it doesn't count steps when not stepping!

I love the GPS feature! And I didn't think I would be motivated by the step count, but man was I wrong!

That step count haunts me all day long.

When I bought it, it had a preprogrammed step goal for me. It was somewhere around 7500 steps. No big deal. That wasn't too hard to get. But then I noticed the goal going up little by little. Turns out the thing is a genius and knows when I hit my goal... and when I continuously hit my goal, it decides I can do more! So it makes the goal higher and then I get all competitive with myself and have to reach that new one. The goal is now over 10,000 and if I don't have work AND soccer practice on the same day, well I have to actually exercise to hit the goal.

I've done things like have Mike let me out of the car a few blocks from home so I could get more steps. I walk to the library instead of driving. I run in place while watching tv.

And the lame side of me actually sometimes walks to the grocery store down the street and buys something like chips or gummy worms to eat on the way back home. I know... I'm awesome like that!

Anyways... all that to say... I kind of hate the thing! Because if I keep reaching the goal it will keep making it higher! And then it will force me to run marathons just to keep hitting the goal and well... that's not going to happen! And that means I'll have to lose to the Garmin. Dang it! Too bad I'm already hooked on the thing.

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