Friday, July 22, 2016

5 Days at Camp


Liza and Jason just spent five days at camp... without me.
Five days with no communication.
Five days of someone else getting all their smiles and giggles and memories.

I've been away from my kids plenty of times, but it's always so much easier when I am the one going and they are the ones staying home. Home with people I know and love and trust.

Sending them off with strangers for days while I stay home... not so easy.

I missed my kids.
A lot!
All the things that happen in a day that are so normal I don't think about them... until they aren't there anymore.

I missed seeing their toothbrushes in their place.
I missed peeking in on them at night to see them sleeping.
I missed Jason checking to see if I was awake in the morning, and then coming in to snuggle.
I missed seeing Liza's shoes where she annoyingly leaves them every day.
I missed telling her to put them away.
I missed their giggles.
I missed our adventures.

Sure, me and Mike had our fun. We took a long bike ride and a nice hike. We went to a baseball game. We enjoyed our extra time together... but I think I said about a gazillion times that I missed my kids.

Thursday at 4:30 I got them back!
We had to pick them up at church. It's a 40 minute drive and Liza and Jason talked the entire way home.

They told us about...
the good food and the bad food.
friends they made.
the messy obstacle course with green basketti.
chapel and learning about jumping out of the boat... being brave and bold.
the boys in Jason's room farting at night and laughing about it, instead of falling asleep.
eating so. much. sugar.
knee hockey.
hiking to the cross.
Liza's friend who put 23 packs of sugar in one cup of tea.
Jason's six pack party where all the boys took off their shirts and showed off their muscles.
Liza's friend who liked a boy name Harrison and every time they saw him the friend would say, "Harrison! I like your face!"

Jason told me that if the boys in his group went ahead of the leader too far they would have to stop and do ten pushups... so Jason would run ahead just to get to do pushups.

And swimming! They loved swimming. I was so nervous about the swimming part. Would the adults and lifeguards watch them well? Because my kids are not great swimmers. Jason never swims without some kind of flotation device... but apparently he did at camp. He jumped in and swam. Apparently my kids can do far more than I think they can!

It's good for us to get away from each other sometimes. We learn and grow differently. We acknowledge that we miss each other. And it makes home feel even better when we are all back in our places.

We are back to enjoying the hugs and morning snuggles and telling Liza to stop dropping her shoes (and everything else) in that annoying spot just inside the door.

Mike has a rain day and we are all home... relaxing, recovering, and just being together.

Life is good.

Camp 5

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