Monday, July 11, 2016

52 Lists - Change and Admiration

I have been slacking with my lists the past few weeks. Actually, I've been slacking with blogging in general. It's been gorgeous out and there is just far too much summer fun to be had! We've been doing stuff almost every day... swimming, going to Living Treasures, picking berries, biking, having company. We love summer! It's supposed to be close to 90 degrees all week so I'm sure we'll be going to the lake a lot. And then next week my kids go to camp! I don't know how we seem to pack a full year's worth of fun into our summers... but we always do! Great memories are being made. I love summers with my family!

Anyways... I'm going to try to get caught up on my lists these next few weeks by doing two a week. We'll see if that actually happens or if I just give it up. :)

List #25
Things in My Life I Would Change Right Now if I Could
mortgage would be paid off
have a better marriage... still with Mike of course!
dental insurance - it would solve lots of problems
I would have a vacation planned, booked, and paid for
my downstairs would have finished floors
I would know how to make my grandma's pickles!
my pile of unfinished crochet projects would be finished
I would be able to eat like Mike... anything I want and still lose weight

List #26
Qualities I Admire Most in Others
the ability to love unconditionally

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