Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Biking - Rockland and Kennerdale Tunnels

We have been on the Allegheny River Trail several times. We have done both tunnels... but we never rode the distance between the two tunnels. It's been a ride I've talked about doing for a while now... both tunnels on the same ride. 

It's not a ride that we could do with the kids, but they are at camp this week and Mike had a day off of work yesterday. It rained in the morning but was done by 11:00 leaving us plenty of time to have some fun.

I figured the ride would be around 26 - 28 miles if we started in Emlenton and went as far as the second tunnel. I was close in my guessing. We rode 25.77 miles yesterday. Not gonna lie... it was tough for me. My legs were soooo tired by the end. I'm lazy. I sit a lot. I don't use my muscles. The ride challenged me, but I'm really glad that we did it.

We parked in Emlenton where the trail starts and began our ride. It's a lot different when Liza and Jason aren't with us, and we enjoyed going at a faster pace and not having to pay attention to how the kids were doing along the way. And so we rode.

The first tunnel came up quick, just over 5 miles up the trail.
We continued through the Rockland Tunnel and went the next 6 miles until we arrived at the Kennerdale Tunnel. We rode through that and found we had gone about 13 miles. It was time to turn around and head back.

We love the tunnels! We love the blast of cool air as we approach them. We could feel the tunnels before we could see them.

I'm glad I challenged myself with the long ride yesterday. It was really enjoyable even though I ran over a baby snake, teeny tiny frogs and several of those big nasty millipedes.

Ride bikes!! It's fun. :)

Rockland Tunnel

Getting the lights ready. You can't do these tunnels without lights.

Going in!

Near the end.

Mike riding out of the tunnel.



Kennerdale Tunnel


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