Friday, August 19, 2016

Learning to Swim

Getting Jason to be comfortable in the water has always been a struggle. Last summer we were just trying to get him to put his face in the water without needing to wipe it off. We bribed him with ice cream and eventually he would dip his head.

I was hoping that he would remember that it wasn't bad as we began swimming again this summer.

I was surprised when he started running in and going under.
And then again when he started staying under to see how long he could hold his breath.
And again when he started unplugging his nose while under the water.

He just kept pushing himself to do a little more.

Then we got boogie boards and he started feeling like he didn't need his bubble floaty because he could grab onto his board.

And he just kept learning.

One day I looked out to see him figuring out the freestyle stroke while on his boogie board.


And he just got stronger and stronger... until he was doing it without his board. Not real great, and not real long... but he taught himself to swim this summer.

The biggest surprise was when he let Mike throw him. Last summer he would only allow a barely pick up and drop. This summer he asked for the big throw.


We are currently visiting my mom and dad, and this afternoon mom took me and the kids to the swimming pool that I always swam in when I was a kid. We jumped in and swam a bit, but Jason was checking out the diving boards. I made him prove he could actually swim a little distance and he surprised me with his strength.

He went down the big slide a few times just to get used to plunging under the water and then I decided that even though I was not ready for it, he was. I had to let him jump off the diving board into 12 feet of water.

And he did it! Without any trouble at all!

He jumped in, popped back up, and swam to the side. And then he got back in line to do it again.

I decided to go grab my camera while my mom kept an eye on him. (Because those lifeguards didn't look too trustworthy!) As I was almost to our stuff the lifeguards blew the whistle to clear the pool. I thought it was for a pool break, but turned out they had to close the pool for the day... only 15 minutes after we had jumped in.

We were pretty bummed and I was sooo glad that I let Jason go to the dives so soon.

He constantly amazes me with his determination and courage! He's amazing!

I can't wait to see how he grows next summer!!!

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