Monday, August 8, 2016

Olympic Obsession

It's summer.
I'm often too busy to blog because we are out having fun. Mostly swimming. But I have an odd morning where we are home, the house is clean, and I have time to relax.

So let's talk about the Olympics. :)

We are a family obsessed with the Olympics. During summer months it's rare to find us in front of the tv during the day. It takes a solid rainy day for that to happen. But when the Olympics are on we can't seem to pull ourselves away from the tv.

There is just something about watching super athletes compete for a dream. And so many of them so young.

We love watching sports that we never get to see and know very little about. I find myself completely involved and yelling at the tv. Did you see the finish for the women's cycling road race!?!? I was on my feet screaming... along with the rest of my family... and then we felt the great disappointment of that last second loss for the rest of the day. It. was. intense.

We only get NBC because we don't have cable and that's what our antenna brings in for us. While I don't get to watch everything I would like to watch (like soccer!), we still get to see plenty.

Beach volleyball.
Men's volleyball - I'm certain they can fly.
Water polo.
Gymnastics - beasts!!
Swimming - Katie Ledecky!!!

I love the intensity. I love the slow motion shots of emotion. I love the backstories.

I just love the Olympics!!

We also use the Olympics to talk to our kids about things.

*Even the best bikers in the world wear their helmets... because even they can wreck. And wreck they did!
*Drugs will get you disqualified. Doping is not cool.
*It takes intense dedication to be great at something.
*American pride!

Are you watching?
What is your favorite Olympic event?
Why do you love the Olympics?

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