Monday, September 12, 2016

The Sweetest Victory

A year ago my kids were playing soccer for the first time ever. Jason's age group was short on coaches so I volunteered. The league gave me a team of six boys (we played 4v4) and I did my best to teach them the skills and the game.

They were a fun bunch of boys, but we just could not win a game.

I take that back... one game was won. It just happened to be the one that Jason and I weren't there for.

In the spring I had almost the same team, and again we lost and lost and lost. By a lot. Every game. It was a tough season but the boys had such a good attitude and remembered that the most important thing was that they had fun.

So one year in and all Jason knew was what it felt like to lose.

He moved up to an older age group this season, and he wants to play travel. There is a coach for that so I was off the hook. I know that Jason has a lot to learn about the game still, but he loves the game so much and has become a decent player in a year, so travel seemed like a good option. More practices. More games. More competitive. And what I really wanted was to have him on a team of players that had played longer and had a better understanding of the game. I believe they will pull Jason to a higher level of skill and understanding of how the game works.

However, after watching a few practices I realized he was on a young team and I was second guessing my decision to put him on it. I was afraid it was going to be another season of nothing but losing.

This past Saturday was the first game of the season. I went with low expectations, but it turns out the other team was very young as well. Jason played really well and I enjoyed just being on the spectator side instead of the coach side. I was taking it all in, cheering on my Jason, and shouting "That's my boy!" both times he scored.

The game ended and we loaded all our stuff back in the van and headed home.

And that's when Jason spoke up, and in the most satisfied voice ever he said, "I FINALLY won a game!"

Woo hoos and fist bumps all around... because after 15 losses... winning feels AMAZING!


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