Monday, November 7, 2016

Whole Family Whole30 - Notes on the first week.

Day 1
*We were motivated.
*There were lots of questions about what we could and could not eat.
*Things got tough when the kids got home from school and claimed I can't do this. I didn't do a good job with their lunches and felt pretty bad about that. I was determined to do better.
*We made it to the end of the day and I rewarded the kids with a fruit smoothie. Not totally Whole30 legit as the Whole30 people frown upon smoothies or too much fruit at once. But hey... I had to keep in mind that they are only 8 and 10 and they are doing a diet that most adults will never bother to try because they say they just couldn't do it. And I had to keep our goal in mind, which is to determine if food is a factor in Liza's eczema.

Day 2
I was shopping and saw emoji mugs with my kids favorite emojis. I bought them with the plan to put all the food in the emoji bowls because how could anything taste bad in them!? I gave them to the kids and they had their dinner in them. Jason said, "These bowls just saved the month!" Well worth the extra money spent!


Day 3
*We all woke up and felt out of it. Tired.
*At breakfast Jason said, "I wish I could eat yogurt." He misses his food.
*I was so proud of Jason! His teacher rewards with tootsie rolls and he brought his home so we could add it to his hidden candy stash. He could have chose to eat it and I would have never known... but he didn't.
*We rewarded the kids with a movie night... because we were too tired to do anything else and we made a big deal about letting them watch a movie that we had decided they weren't ready for two years ago. We figure if they are ready for the Whole30 that they are now ready for the movie as well.
*We had fajitas for dinner. Seasoned chicken, peppers and onions. We topped it with salsa and wrapped it in a big leaf of lettuce. Wrapping it in lettuce was new to all of us but we had fun laughing at the messes we were making. Liza said it's kind of fun trying new ways to eat things. Their mindset about the w30 is changing!

Day 4
*We all woke up feeling so much better.
*Our stomachs feel good.
*I know that when doing a w30 they say you shouldn't step on the scale till it's over because they don't want the focus to be on weightloss. Well this is my third w30 so if I want to step on the scale, I'm going to step on the scale. :) I've already lost 3.4 pounds.
*The crazy food dreams have started. Last week Liza and Jason told me they never got anything out of a vending machine. Well last night I dreamed that we found a massive vending machine with everything in it. I was bummed that I couldn't get the peanut m&ms (my favorite comfort food in the past) because they have dairy. But I let Liza pay for and punch in the numbers for a pop. As it landed in our hands I remembered we were doing the w30 and had to disappoint her by telling her we would have to hide it with her candy and save it till the end.
*Mike dreamed about extra large packs of fresh baked buns on clearance for 80cents.

I asked them how they felt about the Whole30. This is Jason's "eh" face.

Day 5
*Liza and Jason amaze me! They went to a birthday party today and passed on the ice cream, cupcakes and pizza. We rewarded them with a smoothie.
*We are having great conversations about how different our stomachs feel when we eat good food and stay away from the junk. Liza and Jason are learning what it is like to feel healthy on the inside... and it feels good!
*We are no longer using the medicated cream for Liza's eczema. I realized that if we continued to use it and had good results, I wouldn't know if it was because of the medicine or the diet.

Day 6
*Liza and Jason are becoming more willing to try different foods. They are appreciating food more and eating things they used to always pass on. They are learning that real food is real good!
*Liza had a dream that she walked to the pizza shop around the corner to buy a pop, but when she got there she remembered she couldn't have it, so she bought water instead. She's making the right choices even in her dreams!! :)


Day 7
*Lunches are getting easier to pack for the kids now that we have some leftovers built up.
*We've made it one week without any real cheats. I have allowed them to use ketchup a few times... scrambled eggs are hard to eat plain and so is plain chicken. Other than that, we've all stuck to the plan!
*I always lose several pounds when doing w30 and was concerned that Liza and Jason might lose too much weight. They are small enough as it is. I decided to monitor their weight weekly and found that they have not lost any weight at all.

Honestly, I can't believe we all made it a week! And I can't believe that Liza and Jason are doing so good! Sure... they miss some foods. Who wouldn't!?! But they press on and keep going.

I personally feel like I spend far too much time thinking about food... what will we have? What meat needs to thaw? How long will it take to cook this? Do I have enough fruits and veggies to pack for lunches tomorrow? Food... food... food! But we are eating really well and no one is going hungry. Here are some recipes we used this week...

Banana Coconut Breakfast Bowl
Ground Beef and Cabbage
Fajitas... topped with salsa and wrapped in lettuce
Homemade Mayo... we also add seasonings to the mayo to make a dip for our veggies
Apple and sweet potato breakfast bake
Homemade Ghee (you cook the dairy out of butter)
Apple Cider Pulled Pork... I loooved having a meal to put in the crock after all the cooking I've been doing.

Other meals we had were...
Chicken and potatoes and veggies
Spaghetti squash with meat sauce and peppers and onions
Turkey, potatoes, green beans, and baked apples

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