Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Whole Family Whole30 - Notes on Week 3

Day 15
*We made it halfway!
*We went to see a movie today. The theater we like is 50 minutes away and we always go to the early movies that start around 11:30. This causes a problem... when to eat lunch? 10:30 is too early. And after the movie is way too late. So we usually pack... and that's easy when you can just pack a PBJ and a cheese stick. W30 complicates things. We ended up with tuna mixed with salsa and homemade mayo, and cucumber slices to put it on. And then we ate on the way. Liza and Jason ended up making a bit of a mess... but it worked.

Day 16
*The molluscum on Liza's arms continues to get better and better! We are pretty excited about this!
*I am soooo over cooking. And doing dishes. If only I had a dishwasher!!

Day 17
*Liza and Jason are counting down to Thanksgiving when they will be allowed to go off plan for a meal to celebrate. They are talking about how they can't wait to feast!!

Day 18
*Honestly... I can't believe we have made it this far. When we first started I thought we might make it two weeks and then have to adjust. But nope. We are still rockin' the Whole30!!
*It helps that every morning when I look at Liza's skin issues I see more and more improvement! More of the molluscum is GONE!! This is really exciting to me and Liza.
*We are starting to repeat meals. I hope the kids don't mind.

Day 19
*I really REALLY wish I had a dishwasher. I am sooo tired of doing all the dishes that go with all the cooking.
*I'm an emotional eater and I have had sooo much stress lately and just want to EAT. Not W30 food... emotional eating food. It's been a struggle but I've stayed the course. But I really really want some chocolate.

Day 20
*Liza and Jason are eating foods that they used to always say they didn't like... foods like peppers and onions! And cabbage.
*Liza's skin issues keep looking better and better, but I don't think it will be all the way clear by 30 days. She also got a new rash a few days ago on her face and arms. It seems to be clearing but it's weird. The doc doesn't even know what it is.

Day 21
*Three weeks!!!!
*Everyone is starting to think about the reintroduction. And Thanksgiving. Jason just wants some bread!
*Mike gets laid off from roofing every winter. He started up his part time winter job today... at our neighborhood bakery! Talk about temptation!
*The new rashy thing that Liza developed is still a problem. It almost looks like it could be more eczema on her arms... but I don't really think that is what it is. At least I hope it isn't!!! Because the patch that has been there for a year is looking really good!

Where am I at?
I'm tired of cooking.
I'm tired of doing the dishes.
I want to eat all the things I can not eat. 
I want to quit... but for Liza... I won't. I will continue through this w30 because my kids are rocking it like champs! They are so strong!

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