Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Whole Family Whole30

Let me go back a few years and explain how we got to this point...

After the kids were born, grown a bit, and sleeping through the night... and by through the night I mean a solid 8-10 hours without any waking... I found that I was STILL completely exhausted all the time. I went to bed tired and I woke up tired. I went through my days feeling like I just needed a nap.

I finally went to the doctor all please tell me why I'm tired all. the. time. Doc said I was depressed and a pill would make me happy again in no time. I said, "Oh, ok." and walked out without the prescription. Not because I think medicine is bad, but because I believe in finding the cause instead of just treating a symptom. I wasn't tired because I was depressed... I was depressed because I was tired.

Years later I found that I had hormone imbalance issues and treating that made me feel much better. Then I did a Whole30 and when reintroducing the foods I had cut out, I realized that gluten made me tired! It gave me the foggy brain and headaches I could never get to go away. When I stopped eating gluten, the rest of the tiredness that wasn't helped by the hormone treatment... gone!

So now I know how much trouble food can make for a body.

Fast forward to this week...

Liza has had eczema on her arm for quite a while now. I didn't know that was what it was until we went to the doctor a week ago. The doc gave us a prescription cream, which we are using for now. However, on the ride home I knew we would be doing another Whole30... this time for Liza.

I have heard countless people talk of how healing their gut healed their skin. Eczema, psoriasis, other issues... cleared up in 30 days just by changing diet.

We are determined to find the root.

I spent a lot of time talking to Liza about it. I wanted her to be the one to say I want to do this. It took two days but she finally got excited about the idea and became determined to do the Whole30.

I made a meal plan.
The kids had their final candy binge then bagged up the rest and told us to hide it where they can't find it.
Mike cleaned out the cupboards and got rid of what we can't eat and won't last for 30 days.
I went grocery shopping.
And yesterday was day 1 of what we are calling the Whole Family Whole30.

Of course we wouldn't make Liza do it alone! Jason is struggling the most with the idea because he doesn't have a real reason to do it... other than being a support for his sister. I think I motivated him a bit more last night when I told him it will make him stronger and his muscles might show up a little more. He liked that!!

It wasn't easy, but we survived the first day!

There were lots of questions about what they could and couldn't have.
Can I have tootsie rolls, because that's what my teacher gives us?
What about goldfish?
Are we allowed bread?
What are we going to do when someone brings a birthday treat to school.
Can we have crackers?

Nope. Just meat, eggs, fruits, nuts, and veggies.

Will we last the entire 30 days? Nope... Because Thanksgiving is on day 24. But we are giving this a real shot and we are hoping to find the reason behind Liza's eczema so she doesn't have to spend the rest of her life treating it and trying to keep it under control.

Wish us luck! It's going to be tough... especially if we all hit the cranky stage of detox on the same day!!

The Wicks are getting healthy (again) and searching for real, lasting answers!


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