Thursday, December 15, 2016

Whole Family Whole30 - Reintroduction

We have spent the past two weeks reintroducing foods that are cut out during the Whole30. I figured we aren't going to do a Whole30 again for a loooong time so I better take advantage of the opportunity to find out if anyone besides me has immediately noticeable issues with any of the foods.

When reintroducing foods you have one food group at a time. So day 1 of reintroduction we did dairy. Then we did two days of strict Whole30. Next we did legumes. Then two days of Whole30. And so on until we were done.

Here is how it went for us...

*I already know I have issues with dairy so I did my own thing on this day. I had a salad from a restaurant that I like to get to see how I felt after having it. I was fine! Thank goodness there is still something good I can eat! I also had the dairy free ice cream I get. Not worth it. I felt so incredibly disgusting after eating it. I hated my stomach and my stomach hated me. I was up all night with cramps. It's helpful to be able to name exactly how I feel after eating something. I think I'm finally ready to break up with ice cream completely. I'll miss it like I miss cheese... but sometimes we have to say "not worth it" and move on.
*Mike and the kids had yogurt for breakfast. You would have thought it was the world's best dessert with all the MMmmmm-ing coming from my little people.
*Cheese for lunch. Ice cream for dessert after dinner. Again... you would have thought my kids were visiting heaven.
*I'm the only one with obvious dairy issues. I'm glad no one else noticed problems... but... no fair!!!

*Peanut butter on a banana for breakfast. I think Liza and Jason would have ate the entire jar if I would have let them. They sure do miss their peanut butter! Almond butter is good... but it's just not peanut butter!
*Peas for lunch.
*Chili with beans for dinner. Mike and I both realized that our stomachs didn't feel quite right after this meal. Those beans were definitely affecting us. I was all crampy and bloated. Go figure. Just another thing I have to watch when eating. Food is really becoming not so fun for me! I like chili!

Gluten Grains

*This was another day where I already knew my issues so I again tried some different things that I like to have to see how I feel after eating them. I get a gluten free granola cereal once in a while... not worth it. Not fulfilling at all and just felt heavy in my stomach. I really need to find a breakfast food other than eggs!!
*The others had a bagel for breakfast. The night before you would have thought it was Christmas Eve. Liza and Jason kept saying things like, "I can't wait for tomorrow!!! Bagels for breakfast!!"
*Pasta for lunch.
*Hamburgers WITH A BUN for dinner. Jason said, "I think I'll just eat the bun plain." And as he was eating he said, "I can't believe I've gone a MONTH without this stuff!!" Oh the torture I have put my kids through!
*I had a gluten free bun. It's just not the same. But I didn't feel disgusting after having it so woo hoo! Something I can still eat!

Non-gluten Grains
*Oatmeal for breakfast... with a little bit of sugar, because plain oatmeal isn't that exciting. Actually, I hate oatmeal, so I didn't have any.
*Corn for lunch.
*Rice for dinner. It was soooooo nice to have a side that isn't potato! I need a break from potatoes.

And that wrapped up our Whole30 experience!

Today is our first day off the Whole30.
Yesterday when Jason woke up, the first thing he said to me was, "Last Day!!!" And Liza spent her morning singing songs about how happy she was that she would be able to eat food the next day. As if I haven't been feeding her for the past month and a half!

Tonight we are ordering pizza for dinner. (A salad for me because pizza is no longer on my foods I can eat list. I miss it!!) I'm tired of cooking. And the kids deserve a treat. They did soooo good!

Speaking of treats... around 7:00 last night I looked at the kids and said...
ME: Guess what time it is!?
THEM: What? Huh?
ME: Sugar time!
THEM: *confused* What? Sugar? NOW!?!?!?

We let them have some candy. They were as giddy as could be.

I ate some of the dairy free chocolate that Aldi has and immediately felt gross. Another not worth it thing. I had been craving it for two weeks and was so excited to have chocolate again... but it didn't taste nearly as good as I remembered it tasting. And I wasn't able to sleep well because my stomach hurt and cramped all night. I guess I have to break up with my dairy free chocolate too.

You would think with all the things I can't eat... crackers, cheese, pizza, chocolate, etc... that it would be easy for me to stay skinny. It SHOULD be easy! But somehow I always manage to just put the pounds back on. But speaking of pounds... I lost 8 doing the Whole30 and that has me motivated to not go completely off the rails during all the Christmas celebrations.

This is long enough. I'll write again tomorrow with my answer to the question I have been asked the most... Was it worth it?

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