Friday, February 10, 2017

Monster Trucks Movie... and How It Became Jason's New Favorite

Back in November, on a day we didn't have school, I took the kids to see a movie. It was the first time we had seen a preview for, or even heard of, Monster Trucks. After the preview ran Jason looked at me with his big blue eyes full of excitement and wonder and said, "We have. to see. that movie."

In December we went back to the theater to see another movie. It's what we do on days off. Again, we saw a preview and posters for Monster Trucks and Jason went on and on about how he really had to see that movie and couldn't wait for it to come out.

In January, we had another day off of school... so we went to see Monster Trucks!

Jason woke up excited.
And then he shared that he was nervous. He was afraid that he had let his expectations run too high. What if he didn't like the movie as much as he thought he would? What if it was a let down?

I was hoping for his sake that he would love the movie as much as he had been hoping he would for the past two months.

The theater we go to is about 35 minutes away and I loved looking in the rearview mirror to see Jason hugging his stuffed animal that he brought along for the ride. I loved listening to him talk about his hopes for the movie and his nerves because of his expectation.

And I loved snuggling with him at the theater.

I loved watching him as he sat on the edge of his seat completely involved with the movie.

And when it was over, he once again turned to me with those big blue eyes and said "That was AWESOME!!"

Expectations not only met, but exceeded.

He went on and on about the movie. He loved every second of it and said that it's going to be a really REALLY long time before he has a new favorite movie, IF he ever has a new favorite movie. Monster Trucks is it.

And it was cute! I enjoyed it. It was a silly, unrealistic, feel good movie. It was clean and so appropriate for kids.

Jason's birthday is coming up and I thought I had it easy... get him the movie and some Monster Trucks toys/products. But nope. The movie won't be released on DVD in time and I can't find any Monster Truck stuff anywhere.

I guess he'll be getting a "coupon" saying he'll get the Monster Trucks movie the day it comes out.

If you haven't watched it... you should! Especially if you have an eight year old boy!

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