Hello! I'm Laura.
Born September, 25, 1979. I'll let you do the math. :)



I love my family, my neighborhood, crocheting, photography, and curling up with a good book. I like to write about the good times, and the bad, and everything in between. And I'm always in the mood for a little Panerapy!

Let's break it down...

My family... My life. My heart.
I married Michael on January 25, 2003.
Liza was born on September, 22 2006.
Jason was born on February 20, 2008.


My neighborhood.
We bought our house in August of 2012. We chose a home in an area that many people tried to talk us out of moving to... but I knew what I wanted and it's been wonderful! I choose to look for the good, and I find it every day. We have amazing neighbors, and we love the kids that are always around. I also share a lot about my town and the things we enjoy about it. It's a small town, but I often say that if you are bored in Butler it is because you choose to be.


Crocheting... it's my main hobby. Check out my Wix-Works tab for more information.

Photography... another main hobby. Kinda sorta a business too, although I have really scaled back and decided to use it mostly for hobby, ministry, documenting my family life type stuff. 


Curling up with a good book.
Yes please! I enjoying reading just about anything. We even have a Little Free Library in our front yard! Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand is my most favorite book!

I like to write about the good times, the bad, and everything in between.
My life does have it's ups and downs just like every one else. I believe that we learn from each other when we open up our lives and share how it truly is... dirt and all. I share my life in all of it's realness. The good, the bad and the ugly. So... I hope as you read my personal stories on this blog that you will find something you can relate with, learn from, laugh at or be encouraged by.

And last, but not least... PANERAPY!
What is Panerapy??? I love Panera Bread restaurants. I love the food and the atmostphere. I love meeting friends there for food and conversation. But just as much as I love going with a friend, I love going alone too. I take my books or my computer to do some work and I sit and just be. Whether with friends or alone, it's therapy... hence Panerapy. :)

I hope you enjoy the blog!

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