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 Children’s Book Declares a Father’s Love
Michael J. Wick’s I Love You All the Time offers children a reminder that they are always loved
BUTLER, Penn. – “There is never a time when I don’t love you and there never will be. I love you all the time and I always will.” This simple statement, from a father to his children, is at the heart of Michael J. Wick’s new children’s book I Love You All the Time (published by Inspiring Voices).

I Love You All the Time is a short, accessible book that will teach children a powerful message: that they are loved. While this idea may seem obvious to some, a cursory glance at the media reveals story after story of children who are abandoned, abused or ignored. Through the simple message and colorful illustrations of this book, parents can remind children that they are cherished, no matter the circumstance.

Wick has also crafted a book that works on two levels: the first, a father’s love for his children, but also the more faith-based idea that God loves all of his children, wherever they are.

“I had this idea to write about how I love my children no matter what they do, good or bad,” Wick says. “However, I wanted the book to be about more than just my love for my kids. So it became a reflection of God’s love for us. As a human I can never be a perfect father and love my kids perfectly, but God is a perfect Father and He does love us perfectly.”

About the Author
Michael J. Wick lives in Butler, Penn. He has been married for nine years and has two children. He is a roofer, a family business he has practiced for 17 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theology and is involved with ministry through his local church.

The book can be purchased at
Inspiring Voices

We also have several copies if you would like to purchase from us and have it signed. Just send me an email at emaillaurawick@gmail.com and put BOOK in the subject.

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